It’s Which Word Wednesday. Most weeks we’ll be offering up a training video addressing a specific set of often-confused words. Today, let’s take a pop quiz on the lessons covered so far.

In each of the sentences below, which word would you use?

1. Notorious or famous: Mark was a _______ philanthropist.

2. Eager or anxious: Sarah was _____ for the results of her exam. She knew she should have studied more.

3. Compliment or complement: The wine was the perfect ______ to the meal.

4. Ensure or insure: Are we doing everything in our ability to _____ the best outcomes for our patients?

5. Allude or elude: I’ve never seen a politician more adept at ______ a journalist’s questions.



  1. Famous (more on notorious vs. famous)
  2. Anxious (more on anxious vs. eager)
  3. Complement (more on compliment vs. complement)
  4. Ensure (more on ensure vs. insure)
  5. Eluding (more on allude vs. elude)