Proofreading Tips

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Even if your copy is on message and reads well, small errors can sink you.

Every month, our team — led by proofreader Sarah Muench — shares a proofreading tip or two to help you strengthen your content, one detail at a time.

Disk vs. Disc

Spelling differences like disk and disc can be frustrating. They make us writers ask: Why!?!? In this case, the etymology takes us back to a word that refers to something flat and round. In Latin, [...]

Born vs. borne

Are our ideas born out of thin air? Or borne? Really, who can care when staring at this cute newborn baby, amiright? For this often-confusing word choice, we turn to the dictionary. (Fun fact: For [...]

Toe the line

This idiom, or a word or phrase that can't be understood outside its cultural context, frequently trips people up. See what we did there?  The commonly used phrase comes from track and field, where athletes [...]

Jell vs. gel

Jell-O is a gelatin dessert. Put that on your proofreading plate and eat it. Sometimes the English language is full of grammar surprises, like this homophone: jell/gel. Jell Jell is only a verb.  It can [...]

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