Proofreading Tips

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Even if your copy is on message and reads well, small errors can sink you.

Every month, our team — led by proofreader Sarah Muench — shares a proofreading tip or two to help you strengthen your content, one detail at a time.

Jell vs. gel

Jell-O is a gelatin dessert. Put that on your proofreading plate and eat it. Sometimes the English language is full of grammar surprises, like this homophone: jell/gel. Jell Jell is only a verb.  It can [...]

Me, myself and I

Choosing the right first-person pronoun sometimes can be confusing. But there’s an easy test to self-check your grammar. Incorrect: When she’s done writing the first draft, she’ll send it to you or I. If you [...]

Gray vs. Grey

Is it grey or gray? It's really just a matter of vowels. No difference exists in meaning between these two versions of the same word, whether used as a noun, adjective or verb. Grey is [...]

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