Surprise. It’s an emotion that can bring absolute joy … or the opposite. But one thing is for sure: Surprises are memorable.

And the older we get, the rarer they become. I watch my son — all of 2 years old — and the littlest things surprise and delight him. The backyard sprinklers gushing water seemingly just for his merriment, a light turning on with the flip of a switch, the sound of a train whistle. Of course, for us adults, these are just facts of life. They’re not surprises, of course, and they sure don’t elicit any joyous reactions. It’s kind of a pity when you think about it.

Plus, as we get older, we become more jaded, sometimes simply expecting less of other people. For some of us, it means we’re pleasantly surprised more often. For others, it might mean we’re never surprised.

But the truth is that the rarer that surprises become, the more impactful they can be.

So, that brings us to this week’s Wednesday writing Prompt: Describe the last time you were truly surprised.

Why write about this? Because A) It’s fun. B) It likely encourages us to write in an emotional way. I’m guessing the last time you were truly surprised by someone or something, you felt something. So, dig deep, writers. And enjoy today’s writing prompt.