Creativity Boosters

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Creativity Boosters

There are lots of ways you can give your creative juices a boost. Check out our ideas (and why we believe in these methods).


If you think journaling is just for pouring your heart out or keeping tabs on your emotions, think again. The practice actually can benefit just about any area of your life, including your work and [...]

Take an art class.

There’s nothing more quintessentially “creative” than art. But most of us never pick up a colored pencil, paintbrush or brick of sculpting clay after secondary school. Now’s the time, though.  Taking an art class as [...]

Go to a museum.

Prepping for a big brainstorm or trying to solve an old problem in a new way? Pack a lunch, and take yourself on a field trip to a museum (no chaperone required!). It doesn’t even [...]


Time in the kitchen is time well spent. It’s an opportunity to nourish your body, your family relationships and — you guessed it — your creativity.  Every time you cook, you have an opportunity to [...]


It’s easy to shy away from meditation — to think it’s a faddish trend or something for those hippie yogis in your life. But there are lots of approaches to meditation, and sometimes it’s about [...]


Step outside and look at the night sky. What do you see? What can you imagine?  As we see chaos on Earth, we can find perspective in the stars. We can wonder and awe at [...]

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