Want to improve your writing or enhance your content marketing? These tip sheets and guides from Active Voice Communications are free to download. Take advantage of our expert advice, and let us know if there are any topics that would be particularly helpful to you in your job.

The Ultimate Creative Brief Template

How do you craft an effective creative brief? You start by asking questions — lots of questions. We’ve outlined them here in this nifty downloadable

Content Planning Timeline

When you take the time to plan, you can start your new content year with less stress, better content and a budget surplus.

Your Guide To Cultivating Creativity

Let’s be honest. We all want to be that magical Madison Avenue slick creative type who oozes creative genius at every turn and can devise a brilliant ad campaign on the fly.

Content Marketing Workbook

Ready to launch your content marketing program or plan for a new year? Use this guide to start defining your strategy, tactics and content ideas.

Proofing / Editing / Rewriting

A handy guide to help you get exactly what you want from an editor. Here are three key terms to know to make sure there’s no confusion.

Numeral or Not?

AP style dictates, “In general, spell out one through nine.” But there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. Following are the most common.

Before You Press Send

You send (and receive) a number of emails every day. When it counts, make sure you’re communicating professionally — and well!

7 Tips for Editing Your Own Work

When you’re short on staff or time or both, you’ll likely end up editing your own writing. If you’re your own eagle eye, you’ll want this step-by-step guide.

Words to Watch Out For

Are you using these words that are unnecessary – or worse – complicating your writing?

7 Steps to a Winning White Paper

White papers have become a critical part of a B2B communicator’s content marketing repertoire. Here are a few basics for getting started.

7 Secrets to Great Writing

Your writing might be typo-free, but is it great? Here are seven strategies for taking your writing from fine to fabulous.

Which Word Should I Use?

Not sure whether you’re eager or anxious? Or if it’s insure or ensure? Download this handy desk reference to help you choose the word you really mean.