Writing prompt, texting, autocorrectIs there anyone who doesn’t love to hate on autocorrect? Well, now’s your chance. And, people: When you complete today’s writing prompt, please, please, please SHARE your words with us. In the comments here or on Facebook … Wherever you prefer to share, I want to see them. Because I believe there is great humor to be had here.

Before any further delay, this week’s Wednesday Writing Prompt is: Write a tagline for autocorrect.

Consider this format:

  • Autocorrect: Causing more confusion than typos since 2010.
  • Autocorrect: A better excuse than saying you were drunk.

Why is this today’s writing prompt? Well, first, because my friend and writer extraordinaire recently commented on the absurdity of autocorrect’s changes in one of her hilarious texts to me, and this exercise came to mind. Plus, the last couple writing prompts we’ve put out there have been pretty challenging. So, guys, let’s have some fun.

Now, go write. And then, come back and share!