You hear it all the time. But what is content, and why should you be doing it?

What is it?

Content is anything that provides value to your audience. It can be words, pictures or videos that inspire, inform or entertain. An email newsletter, an Instagram post, a white paper, a print magazine — it’s all content.

Why do it? 

People want information they can trust. They want new ideas. They know the information is out there, and they’re looking for it. When you provide valuable information to your audience, a few things happen:

You create multiple opportunities to develop your brand and share your ideas.

People learn about your brand, your values and (sometimes) your product or service.

You build a relationship with people before — often long before — they consider buying anything.

You stay top of mind and simplify your sales process.

Your customers are going to get the information they want from someone.

Don’t you want it to be you?