What creative types fill your team, and how can you bring out the best in everyone?

Let’s be honest. We all want to be that magical Madison Avenue slick creative type who oozes creative genius at every turn and can devise a brilliant ad campaign on the fly. But there are many types of creative personalities — and most of us, in fact, are not Don Draperesque.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t valuable to the creative process, though. And different personalities have different needs. In our experience, recognizing each team member’s unique brilliance, celebrating them and implementing processes that let them shine are important for a healthy creative team dynamic.

And that experience led us to create this guide. Take the quiz, and see if you spot yourself in the various creative types. (Maybe you’re a hybrid!) And if you’re a leader, have your team take it, and check out our tips for leading the different creative types.

Start cultivating creativity today.

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