grammar quiz

It’s Which Word Wednesday. Instead of the usual training video addressing a specific set of often-confused words, today is a POP QUIZ! Hooray!

This is a great time to test your progress and see which lessons you might need to revisit.

OK, here we go. In each of the sentences below, which word would you use?

1. Affect vs. Effect: How much an _____ do you think the scandal will have on the senator’s next election?

2. Imply vs. Infer: The teacher _____ that there might be a pop quiz coming up.

3. Conscious vs. Conscience: When the patient is _______ again, the doctors will run some more tests.

4. Fewer vs. Less: Teachers today say that if you have _____ than 30 students in your class, you’re lucky.

5. Illicit vs. Elicit: It seems pretty clear that the mayor’s actions were ______.




  1. Effect. (See lesson.)
  2. Implied. (See lesson.)
  3. Conscious. (See lesson.)
  4. Fewer. (See lesson.)
  5. Illicit. (See lesson.)