Are you more artsy or analytical? Strategic or inspirational? See which creative type best describes you.

1. HR announces an upcoming gingerbread house decorating contest. You:

A. Run right out to the bulk candy store to stock up on supplies.
B. Start drawing up a schematic for how you’ll execute your design.
C. Email HR and ask if nonedible ingredients are allowed. You don’t want yours to come crashing down like it did last year, so you’d like to bring glue and chopsticks.
D. Start assembling a gingerbread dream team and naturally start delegating tasks.

2. You just noticed that the 2,000 flyers you had printed for this afternoon’s conference have the keynote speaker’s name misspelled! What do you do?

A. Fix the file and send it back to the printer pronto. Who cares if they charge a rush fee? This is an emergency!
B. Fine black marker in hand, you get to work on correcting the error yourself. Having the flyers reprinted will blow your budget!
C. Turn the situation into a fun anecdote when you introduce the speaker. After all, the conference theme is “Let it go!”
D. Scrap the flyers and send out a post-conference eblast.


3. You nail a project and can’t wait to hear how happy your client is with it. And then her email arrives … she hates it! You:

A. Cry. Or swear. Or scream. Or all of the above. How dare she!
B. Pick up the phone and talk to her about her feedback. Perhaps you can convince her to keep some of the piece as is.
C. Use “Find/Replace” to change all instances of “Dr. Geoffrey Sharp” to “Dr. G” as requested. Then you update the style guide you keep for her project and move on.
D. Reread the client’s feedback and jump on the phone with her to try to better understand her point of view.


4. In a brainstorm, you:

A. Are the first to throw out ideas, and they’re always big.
B. Feel a little uncomfortable. You always seem to think of your best ideas after the conversation has already moved on. (Or the brainstorm has ended.)
C. Build off of other people’s ideas to make them easier to execute.
D. Are running the show and try to make sure everyone has an opportunity to contribute, particularly the quieter members of the team.


5. It’s presentation day. You’re wearing:

A. Your favorite bow tie, hat or funky glasses and more than two colors.
B. Slacks and a button-down.
C. A golf shirt or cardigan and flats.
D. A power suit or tailored dress and heels.


Your Score:

Mostly As: You’re a Traditional Creative. You have big ideas that sometimes need to be reined in due to budget and time constraints. You may wait until the last minute to prep for presentations, but you nail them, dazzling clients with your creative prowess.

Mostly Bs: You’re a Strategic Creative. You’re not the first one to the table with ideas; you like to ruminate on them and think through the details first. But your ideas are almost always spot-on creatively and strategically. You get results.

Mostly Cs: You’re a Creative Problem Solver. You tend to work behind the scenes, and that’s just fine with you. You have an eagle eye for spotting errors in work and inefficiencies. You’re inquisitive and constantly asking if there’s a better way to do things.

Mostly Ds: You’re a Creative Leader. You inspire others to do their best work and then offer suggestions on how to take it to the next level. You’re often called upon to offer your opinion, and you’re happy to give it. While some people get bogged down in the minutiae, you can see the bigger picture.

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