Where do you find your inspiration? (Photo by Thinkstock.)


When I started Active Voice Communications in 2009, I — like most independents, freelancers and small business owners, worked my tail off. I was constantly striving to find the right balance of time — balancing my clients’ needs with my need to run and market my business. I love my work, so it didn’t bother me to work long days and weekends if that’s what was required.

Then, five years later, I had my son. And things changed. (Duh, right?) The balance-of-time equation changed dramatically. I wanted to work less and be with my family more. But I still wanted this business to thrive, and I wanted to continue to do great work with amazing people and interesting companies.

Then, more than a year ago, I met Amber Anderson. We clicked because we understood each other and the pulls of family, motherhood and business. When she launched MORE, I was excited to be a part of it. MORE’s aim is to create a world where we have the support we need to do more at home and at work — without having to sacrifice one for the other. And I love, love, love this mission. That’s why Active Voice Communications collaborates on MORE’s content.

The organization is focused on empowering parents and entrepreneurs with resources and support. And its manifesto embodies this mission. The MORE Manifesto was designed to be a parentpreneur’s daily dose of inspiration — a step toward creating a life we love and a business that excites us.

A manifesto is a declaration your intentions, opinions and vision. It’s what gets you out of bed each day — why you do what you do. Creating your manifesto and following it as your guide can help you reflect each day on your values and mission.

So, this week’s writing prompt is: Create your own manifesto. It can be for your company or blog or family or personal life — wherever you want to find that inspiration. As you dig in, ask yourself:

  • Who am I (are we), and what do I (we) stand for?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What inspires me?
  • What holds me back?
  • What message do I need to hear every day to keep going?

Take your time. Get inspired. And go write.

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