Does it feel like it’s been forever since you had a day off? Is every day a bit of a slog? In the U.S., we are notoriously bad about taking time off. Even with a limited number of days off each year, we aren’t taking all of those days. And when we do, many of us are still checking our email, answering phone calls and completing work tasks. Is it any wonder we’re burnt out? 

But we need that time off — for our mental and physical health, yes, but also for our creativity. 

Please note, we didn’t say “take a vacation.” (Although vacations are awesome, and if you have the funds, by all means, pack a bag and go.) But you don’t have to shell out for a plane ticket or a fancy resort. Even if all you do is pick up a pizza from Costco, go for a walk in the park, watch Netflix and take a nap, that’s a day off from work. And it’s exactly what your creative brain needs.