grammar quiz

It’s Which Word Wednesday. Instead of the usual training video addressing a specific set of often-confused words, today is a POP QUIZ! Lucky you!

This is a great time to test your progress and see which lessons you might need to revisit.

OK, here we go. In each of the sentences below, which word would you use?

1. Who vs. That: It’s hard to trust a person ____ lies all the time.

2. Principle vs. Principal: Money doesn’t matter to me; I care about _____.

3. Farther vs. Further: When you’re ready to talk about the project _____, let me know.

4. You’re vs. Your: ____ lucky you didn’t lose ____ job.

5. Continual vs. Continuous: It rained ______ for hours.




  1. Who. (See lesson.)
  2. Principles. (See lesson.)
  3. Further. (See lesson.)
  4. You’re; your. (See lesson.)
  5. Continuously. (See lesson.)