As a creative, you love your work and care about every word, every image, every design, every note. But in agency or corporate work, there are a lot of competing priorities — executives, other teams, even other content creators who don’t seem to understand what you do. So, we want to remind you that YOU ARE AWESOME. A superhero even. 

Because we know you need to be reminded of this sometimes, we’re making our Content Superheroes downloadable — for free! Check them out below. Print and post them at your desk, or share with a friend. 

Give a Shoutout — and Be Entered to Win

Want to publicly celebrate a content creative you love working with? Join in on our summer social fun. Tag your colleague on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, explain what their superpower is (it doesn’t have to be one reflected in our illustrations, but it can be!) and use the hashtag #contentsuperheroes.

Everyone who uses the hashtag AND everyone who was tagged will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card.

Runs June 1–July 31.