After a big or challenging project, I like to step back and take time to think about the experience, to reflect on any lessons learned. In a previous job, we’d bring the team together in a meeting called a postmortem. What went well? What was disastrous? How can we improve processes?

I often find myself going through this exercise in my personal life as well. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the year — a time that I always pause to reflect — or maybe it’s because 2016 has been such a tough year for this country … But I find myself really thinking about this year in review. What happened? What went well? How can we improve?

How can we improve as individuals — and as a nation?

Look, I don’t like to blog about politics. I like to talk about writing. But there’s just no getting around it: This election changed us. Relationships and friendships were altered, communities disrupted.

It feels like we need to take a moment for a little postmortem. So, here’s the thing I’ve been thinking about: What impact can I have as an individual? What can I do to make a positive difference?

It’s a question that’s made me think and made me want to write. So why not share it, I figured.

We might have different ideas for how we get there, but ultimately, we all want a better world and a better country. And we all have a role to play. So, as we prepare for a new year, consider this week’s writing/thinking prompt: What one step will you personally take to help ensure a kinder, better world?

Willing to share in the comments? Please do.