painting a new color


Packing my son’s lunch and snacks this morning, I stared down. Ugh, it was the same, old stuff.

Several meals a week, he gets the same thing — some variation on chicken and rice, which gets paired with one of handful of veggie choices. We’ve fallen into this rut because he won’t try new foods, and I don’t want him to starve. But it occurs to me there’s some irony there: How will he ever try new foods if they aren’t consistently offered?

But to be fair, while his dad and I have a wider range of things we’ll eat, we often stick with our seasonal rotation of meals too.

It’s easy to stick with what’s comfortable — the same restaurants for lunch, the same meals at those restaurants, the same classes at the gym, the same projects at work, the same people on those projects, the same Starbucks order.

Our everyday tasks are habit. And even though we have countless choices every day, we know what we like.

But do we really? I mean, might we like something else better if we were to only try it? What would happen if we tried something new? Whether it’s something simple like a new recipe or something more complex like a new process at work, what’s the potential upside? In general, I’d argue, it’s more compelling than the worst-case scenario we’ve already fast-forwarded to in our heads.

So, I challenge you to thoughtfully shake things up. Let’s start with a little mindset work.

Today’s writing prompt is a two-parter. First: Describe the danger of falling into a rut and the benefits of trying new things.

Trying something new can be ANYTHING — the possibilities are endless. The key is finding something you’re curious about and allowing yourself the freedom to pursue it.

No question, trying new things can be daunting. We often get nervous about the unfamiliar or the possibility of failure. But pushing our boundaries is good for us, allowing us to expand our minds, feed our creativity and learn. We can feel most alive when we are just at the edge of our comfort zones.

OK, now, part two. Find something new to try today. And when you do, come back to your journal and write about your experience. What did you try? What did you learn? How did you feel before/during/after?

We’d love to hear your stories! Please share in the comments.