Happy people

A few weeks ago, I attended a dear friend’s wedding. During a beautiful toast at the reception, the bride’s father asked what I thought was a truly great question. Instead of asking what makes you happy, he said, pause and reflect on who makes you happy.

My husband and I will celebrate six years of marriage (and nearly 10 years of partnership) on Sunday. His partnership in this life brings me happiness. Sometimes we think that our cars, our phones, our KitchenAid mixers (because man, do I love that thing) or our other possessions are responsible for our happiness. But when we ask the better question, we turn inward to consider our humanity and what we really need to survive in this world.

Good bosses inspire us and make us happier employees. Good editors make us better, happier writers. When I hire the right team members and make smart decisions about the clients I take on, I’m excited about my work day. These individuals make me happy. Good friends and their support make us feel safe and loved. Our children often teach us that happiness doesn’t need to be so complicated.

Material goods are fleeting. Strong relationships with good people sustain us for a lifetime. I loved this question so much that it is the inspiration for today’s writing prompt: Who makes you happy?

Now, go write.