Our Favorite Collaboration Tools

Brainstorming and collaboration tools


From brainstorming to completing a project, there are numerous collaboration tools your team can use. Our favorites include:

Google Docs. (But any shared document service will work.) For brainstorming, all team members can add their ideas. A shared document is also wonderful when multiple people are writing different sections of a larger piece.

Trello. For the Kiddos in the Kitchen podcast project, our team uses a Trello board to keep track of potential guests, when interviews are booked and conducted and where in the writing/editing process each episode is. The Trello board also acts as a business hub for the project, linking out to various resources/templates and housing our promotional images for each episode. 

Airtable. A simple shared spreadsheet can work really well. But we’re fans of Airtable because it takes Excel to the next level, allowing us to drop files into cells. It’s also insanely user-friendly.


What are your favorite tools for collaboration? Share in the comments!

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