Writers Share How They Regularly Improve Their Writing Skills

continual writing improvement

At Active Voice Communications, we have a deep bench to call on when large or quick-turnaround copy projects necessitate a team. I love the writers I work with and am proud to have them on my team. I asked this talented bunch this question: What is one thing you do to improve your own writing skills on a regular basis?

Here are a few of their answers:

I try to “push through the pain.” If I’m struggling with something and the right words aren’t coming to me, I’ll force myself to just use the wrong ones, to just dump it all out on the table and work backward to fine-tune it, versus feeling like the copy has to appear on the page perfectly in the first draft. This can also help with productivity when you’re feeling blocked.
—Allison Thomas, freelance writer and editor



I write fiction. Even though writing fiction isn’t financially lucrative, the creativity it sparks spills over into my paying, nonfiction assignments. When I start my day working on a flash fiction piece or a novel chapter, I find new and interesting ways to approach my nonfiction projects later that day.
—Stephanie Thurrott, writer/editor/content creator



I always start fresh. Even if I’ve written on a topic a hundred times before, I (almost) never revisit old work. I always strive for a new angle, new stats or even just new words.
—Shelley Flannery, freelance writer and editor

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