Why spend time on writers’ assignments? There are at least three very good reasons.

Why spend time on writers’ assignments? There are at least three very good reasons.

You hired a writer. Problem solved, right? Not necessarily. That’s because if you want to get good content from your writer, you need to provide good guidance. That’s where a writer’s assignment/contract comes into play. And preparing a good one is critical to getting the best out of the writers you hire. We’ll cover the how in the next post. For now, let’s talk about the why.

Why spend time on writers’ assignments? Three very good reasons.

1. Save your time. If you’re hiring writers, it’s probably because you don’t have endless time to spend on cranking out content on your own. Plus, if you’re, ya know, a human marketing manager, you simply don’t have time to be rewriting everyone’s content either. So, do yourself a favor and be clear with your writers on the front end.

2. Bank your budget. Unless you’re doing something shady, your budget is not unlimited. And you are accountable for results. If you’re paying a writer an hourly rate, he or she will be happy to play your “I’ll know it when I see it” game, but the best way to save some dough — and make this a positive experience for everyone — is to be clear about your expectations upfront.

3. Preserve your relationships. Professional writers can handle criticism. We have thick(ish) skins and don’t take things (too) personally. But the best working relationships require clear communication. For the writer, that means asking questions, and for the editor/manager, it means providing clear editorial direction. Regardless of the final product, good communication is essential to a positive experience.

So, now you know why a good writer’s assignment is critical. Next up? Part 2: How to prepare an assignment for your writer.