style guide change request form

So, you have a style guide. (If not, start with our advice on how to create a style guide.) But what about a process for updating it? If you’re open to taking suggestions from others in your organization when it comes to making changes to it, consider creating a request form that lives on your intranet. 

Anytime someone asks you to change your style, have them use the form to submit a written request. Then, your style committee can review any suggestions on a quarterly basis and decide which to implement.

On your change request form, you might consider asking:

  • The requestor’s name, title, department and contact information
  • Is this is a new entry or an update to a current entry? 
  • How often do you encounter this particular style issue?
  • What is your rationale for the change?
  • Do you have any additional comments?

Decisions about style updates aren’t made lightly. The more information you can get up front, the easier it will be to make a determination.