There are two important things you need to do in order to become a better writer. First, you need to write a lot. And second: read. Read as much as you can and with as much variety as you can … fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, humor, recipes, technology, blogs, books, short stories. Read it all.

We asked a few of our writers to share some of their favorite writers, and here’s what they said.

Allison Thomas:

Tina Fey, Anne Lamott, Alice Munro, David Sedaris, Maeve Binchy, Nora Ephron, Alexandra Petri, Carrie Fisher, Paula Pell, James Poniewozkik, Ezra Klein, Reza Aslan, Susan Orlean, Mindy Kaling and Judy Blume.


Shelley Flannery:

It’s more about the story than the writer, for me, when I read for leisure. That said, I can usually count on Jodi Picoult to keep me engaged.


Stephanie Conner:

David Sedaris, Mark Twain, Malcolm Gladwell, J.K. Rowling, Anne Lamott, Aaron Sorkin and Alexandra Petri (thanks to Allison Thomas!).


Sarah Muench:

Lisa Cron (writes on the psychology of storytelling to help writers), Lonely Planet travel guides, Ken Follett (historical novel author), Junot Diaz (novelist), Michael Kiefer (local novelist).