We love our phones, tablets and computers. They make life easier, right? Meh, sometimes. Sure, it’s nice to order a salad from your phone, and my 6-year-old is learning how to code on an iPad app. 

But as anyone who reads their weekly screen time report knows, we spend way too much on our devices — the impacts of which we’re still learning. We need interaction with the real world. We need space to think and create. Plus, some research suggests that screen time can limit children’s creativity, which makes sense. 

But it’s not just about kids. How can you create when you’re engrossed in your phone? How can you listen — really listen — to those around you? How can you observe the world? Even think?

So, this month, give your creativity (and dare we say, your mental health) a boost by putting away your screens and soaking up the world around you.